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Taser Tie

Progress: Completed
Yes. A taser in a tie.
5 Jul 2008


Progress: Suspended
An icon of an era in oak.
31 Dec 2014

Random Flash Drives

Progress: Completed
The possibilities are endless!
19 May 2009

Wireless Headphones on the cheap

Progress: Completed (sorta)
Home made wireless headphones using an FM radio.
4 Aug 2008

JV-1080 Encoder Repair

Progress: Complete
Emulating a rotary switch
21 Mar 2020

Knurled Earrings

Progress: Complete
Inevitable, really.
29 Jun 2019

Creative Camera Mounts

Progress: Complete
Featuring MagPod, the magnetic tripod
8 Feb 2020

Lego MP3 player

Progress: Completed
A Lego brick MP3 player. Complete with such functionality as "play" and "next track" and even the exotic "previous track"
16 Jul 2008

Ghetto Barrel Jack

Progress: Complete
Header pins – is there anything they can't do?
8 Jun 2015

A Silent PC

Progress: Completed
A watercooled PC with a twist.
27 May 2009

Pencil Ballista

Progress: Almost finished
The peak of office warfare.
14 Jul 2008

Tiny Dovetail Cube

Progress: Complete
14 Sep 2019

MIDI over Bluetooth

Progress: Work-in-progress
How hard can it be?
18 Jun 2016

Cube Earrings

Progress: Completed
Dangly shiny geometric thingies
19 Dec 2019

Sewing Machine

Progress: Abandoned
To answer the oft-pondered question of, is it possible to build a sewing machine out of old printer parts?
23 Nov 2013

Etching PCBs with a Laser Cutter

Progress: Complete
Turns out it's pretty easy to do.
24 Apr 2016

Better Continuity Test

Progress: Complete
Marvellous multimeter modification
13 Jun 2015

Touch Screen as a MIDI Ribbon Controller

Progress: Complete
It's actually cheaper! And much more durable than anything homemade.
28 Jun 2016

Corporate Identity: Livetech

Progress: Completed
Some pictures of my old DT coursework.
5 Jul 2007

Stylophone Circuit Bending

Progress: Completed
It squeals.
25 Dec 2013

Precision Clock

Progress: Complete
But I make no claims for its accuracy.
7 Jun 2015

Rollei 35 Meter Repair

Progress: Complete
An electrical fault wrapped in mechanics wrapped in a faux-leather finish.
9 Feb 2016

Morse Code USB Keyboard Mk II

Progress: Complete
USB-HID Morse code keyboard
2 Nov 2015

Brass Wobbler

Progress: Complete
It wobbles, and it's made of brass.
6 Aug 2019

Etch-a-Sketch USB Mouse

Progress: Complete
Cartesian computer-controlling creation
18 Mar 2016

9V LED Torches

Progress: Completed
My design of very handy little torches you can make in no time.
20 Jul 2010

Precision Clock Mk II

Progress: Complete
Aye, and accurate too.
28 Sep 2015

Ballpoint Resurrection

Bring a Biro back to life.
30 Nov 2014

Power over MIDI

Progress: Completed
Allowing an old keyboard to be powered over a MIDI USB cable.
25 Jun 2013

Hardware Reverse Oscilloscope

Progress: Complete
Standalone draw-a-waveform MIDI synthesizer
18 Jul 2015

Games Console

Progress: Complete
An absurd adventure in assembly: a games console from scratch.
22 Dec 2018

Hand soldering a WLCSP package

Progress: Complete
It's my idea of a relaxing evening.
23 Jun 2018

Midi Monotron

Progress: Complete
An itsy-bitsy midi-to-CV converter
16 Aug 2015

The World's Smallest Go-karts

Progress: Design Stages
The challenge: create ridiculously small go-karts and race them around the school playground.
1 Jul 2008

An even smaller, even sillier synth

Progress: Complete
An intro to MIDI over USB
13 Apr 2016

Midi Interceptor

Progress: Complete
Reversibly adding more controls to a keyboard
22 Oct 2015

Oscillator Calibrator

Progress: Complete
ATtiny tool
6 Feb 2020

Controlling Old Tech Over a Serial Connection

Progress: Complete
Re-live the era of RS-232!
11 Feb 2015

A Tiny Theremin

Progress: Work-in-progress
Attempt at an ATtiny theremin.
30 Jul 2015

Recreating the Yamaha BC3a

Progress: Complete
Building my own Midi Breath Controller
22 Feb 2015

Thermal Paper Polaroid

Progress: Complete
A linux adventure with lots and lots of drilling.
4 Apr 2018

Mini Pitchbend Joystick

Progress: Completed
A tiny joystick for bending pitch
11 Sep 2017

Seven Segment Scroller

Progress: Complete
LED message machine.
20 Apr 2016

Nikon D3200 IR Conversion

Progress: Complete
Harder than it should be
11 Mar 2019

Portable Jacob's Ladder

Progress: Complete
You know, for when you need a Jacob's Ladder on the go.
3 Jun 2017

Security Cube

Progress: Concept
A combination lock inspired by the rubik's cube.
5 Jul 2008

MIDI Music Box

Progress: Complete
MIDI Mangling Musicbox Mechanism
17 Mar 2018

Ikonta Focus Calibration

Progress: Complete
A technique for setting infinity focus
9 Feb 2016

USB Red Button

Progress: Complete
Single-button USB keyboard
30 Dec 2015

Wireless Sustain Pedal

Progress: Completed
A keyboard sustain pedal - but without wires!
28 Mar 2015

MIDI Keyboard Repair

Progress: Complete
Fixing the bashed-in keys of a Yamaha KX5
26 Oct 2014

Flash Synth

Progress: Complete
It's another minuscule MIDI miracle!
18 Oct 2019

Flag Steam Engine

Progress: Completed
A tiny working steam engine with integrated boiler.
23 Sep 2014

Hand soldering an MSOP-10 package

Progress: Complete
0.5mm pitch? Breakout boards are for wimps!
8 Oct 2016

Electronic Tic-Tac-Toe

Progress: Completed
Some pictures of my other DT project.
5 May 2007

World's Smallest MIDI Synthesizer

Progress: Complete
Good luck trumping this one.
5 Aug 2015


Progress: Complete
Rednoise Generator
23 Jun 2020

Headphone Amps

Progress: Complete
Expensive op-amps. There is only one use for them.
27 Jun 2016

The Impatient Electric Beam Engine

Progress: Completed
Increasing the entropy of the universe, inefficiently!
2 Dec 2013

Origami Wallet

Progress: Completed
Hardly origami, but is made from a single piece of paper with no cuts and no glue or tape.
13 Jul 2008

RC Transmitter as USB Joypad

Progress: Complete
For giving RC simulators that authentic feel.
14 Oct 2016


Progress: Complete
Stylophone Business Card
5 May 2018

Ship in a Bottle

Progress: Suspended
The ultimate test of patience.
21 Mar 2010

Bluetooth Hip Flask

Progress: Completed
Takes 'talking to your drink' to a new level.
25 Jul 2010

RC Transmitter USB Joypad Mk II

Progress: Complete
A slightly less crazy conversion.
29 Mar 2017

Rubik's Cube Alarm Clock

Progress: Design Stages
Solve it to get it to shut up.
2 Jul 2008

MIDI on the ATtiny

Progress: Complete
The world's smallest synthesizer? Maybe the world's simplest...
27 May 2015

CharlieStar, the Lilliputian Glowy Thing

Progress: Complete
Mucking about with the smallest μC
11 Feb 2017


Progress: Complete
Simple battery level bar graph
10 Nov 2017

LT Earrings

Progress: Complete
Earrings, wot look like timewasters
16 Feb 2020

Chainmail Hoody

Progress: Design Stages
Not a hauberk.
14 Jan 2010

Multi Adapter

Progress: Completed
Cheap and simple.
1 Sep 2009

Another Two-headed Coin

Progress: Complete
It's ten times the value!
10 Sep 2016

Polyphonic Synth Cable

Progress: Complete
Tiny 8-note polyphonic square wave synthesizer.
17 Nov 2015

Bluetooth HID gamepad using HC-05 module

Progress: Complete
Reflash the HC-05 without using a parallel port. Insert into SNES pad.
31 Jul 2016

Two-headed Coin

Progress: Completed
Is my luck improving?
21 Sep 2014

Wireless Skype Phone

Progress: Completed
DIY Skype phone built using recycled parts.
13 Jul 2008

Wooden Draining Board

Progress: Completed
Wax those woodworking skills
9 Feb 2014

Electric Melodica, or: the Breath Controller Mk II

Progress: Complete
Analogue arrangement allows astounding articulation
14 Dec 2015

Precision Clock Mk II½

Progress: Completed
Perfecting the pursuit of precision
3 May 2019


Progress: Completed
The simplest style of miniature steam engine, but a miniature steam engine nonetheless.
19 Aug 2014

NES Controller MP3 Player

Progress: Completed
An MP3 player inside an old NES controller.
6 Jul 2008

Micro Stirling Engine

Progress: Completeish
Spoiler: it doesn't run. Yet.
8 Sep 2014

The Most Useless USB Device Ever

Progress: Completed
The most useless machine ever created is now even less practical.
4 Aug 2010

Musical Greetings Card

Progress: Complete
Midi on the ATtiny85 Part 2
6 Jul 2015

Phase-locked Inverter

Progress: Complete
Running a 60Hz synchronous clock from the 50Hz mains
12 Jun 2019

Toolmaker's Clamp

Progress: Complete
Miniature milled metal marvel
20 Jun 2019

Transparent USB Mouse

Progress: Completed
I like to think it evokes the same retro feel as the original Gameboy.
1 Jan 2011

Luxury Timewaster

Progress: Complete
With brass knobs on!
28 Jun 2019