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Multi Adapter

1 Sep 2009
Progress: Completed

I import quite a lot of things, and so I end up with quite a few foreign plugs on my devices. The adapters cost quite a bit, and sometimes you need more than one thing running at the same time - my router, for instance, has an American plug.

I took the cheap way out and stuck a British plug onto an American power strip, giving me six American sockets for the price of one.

Power strip adapter

The wiring is slightly different, as the American colours are black for live, white for neutral, and green for earth. So connect the black to the brown, the white to the blue, and the green to the green and yellow. Sorted.

You'll need to take the same precautions as with any simple adapter, as there's no step-down in voltage. Make sure every plug can work at 240v before plugging it in, or there'll probably be sparks.

American power supply plug