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Security Cube

5 Jul 2008
Progress: Concept

Apparently there are 18 quintillion combinations possible with a rubik's cube, and one can change to any other in less than 20 moves.

Perfect then to have as the combination lock on your front door. Get the cube to your specific pattern to get the door to open.

Even guests who watch you open the door won't see how you get to the pattern, unless they're experts at the rubik's cube. And even then, it's unlikely they can remember the exact pattern which opens your door.

It's not as impractical as it sounds - your specific pattern would probably be just a few moves away from a solved cube. Even five moves away from solved, it looks completely messed up.

...but again, the problem, as always, is implementation. It would be incredibly hard to make this, and make it potential-thief-resistant. Which is a shame, because it would be a really geeky way to get into your house.