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Acoustic QR Code

Progress: Experiment
Modems, Fourier Transforms, Image Recognition and more!
6 May 2016


Progress: Completed
A collection of simple tests, puzzles and minigames.
17 Jul 2012

Reverse Spectrogram Experiments

Progress: Completed (kinda)
Another educational synthesizer offshoot.
12 May 2014

VSTi Tutorial

Progress: Complete
Hello sinusoidal world
28 Mar 2019

Dotfiles Management

Progress: Complete
Tracking config files
19 Dec 2022

Size Representative Directory Browser

Progress: Completed
A more intuitive form of file browsing
16 Aug 2010

Bleps via State Machine

Progress: Complete
Lean, mean BLEPS machine
28 Jul 2022

Everyone's Mouse Pointer

Progress: Completed
To alleviate the loneliness of the web.
10 Sep 2011

Solving Foam Cubes

Progress: Complete
Using computers! And algorithms!
28 Dec 2017


Progress: Complete
Windows/x86 Brainfuck Compiler
10 May 2017

WebRTC Pong

Progress: Complete
Peer-to-peer pong program
12 Dec 2021


Progress: Complete
Pictographic Incomprehensible Chinese Telephone
1 Oct 2018

BF Tic Tac Toe

Naughts and Crosses AI in Brainfuck
8 May 2017

Melting KiCad, part 2

Progress: Complete
KiCad 6 – even more melty!
30 Jan 2022

Recursive Notes Part 2

Progress: Demo
It's notes all the way down
2 Apr 2023

QR code login sharing

Progress: Complete
A super-quick way to log in on another computer
17 Feb 2011

Morse Code USB Keyboard

Progress: Complete
Simple software for Morse code computer control.
7 Mar 2015

kiloboot: 1kB TFTP Bootloader for AVR / ENC28J60

Progress: Complete
Contrary to popular belief, networking is fun.
2 Jan 2017


Progress: Complete
Simple web summary for git repos
14 Feb 2019

Fourier and Filter Diagrams

Progress: Completed
Interactive widgets to visually portray the behaviour of simple filters.
18 Jan 2014

Melting KiCad

Progress: Complete
Improvements to teardrops and rounded traces
9 Jan 2021

Recursive Notes

Progress: Demo
Endless idea management
27 Mar 2021

Browser Oscilloscope

Progress: Completed
I call this one the 'forwards oscilloscope'
15 Jun 2013

PICT Container

Progress: Complete
I can't contain my excitement for it!
9 Aug 2022

Anagrams: An Investigation

Progress: Completed
Carthorse = orchestra! Amazing.
10 Aug 2010

Faster than a FFT

Progress: Completed
Pronounced "fffft"
3 Oct 2014


Progress: Complete
Fun with plotters!
5 Jun 2020

HTML5 Games

Progress: Completed
Experimentation with the HTML5 <canvas> tag.
18 Mar 2013

Windows Calculator

Progress: Complete
Recreation with the Windows API
8 May 2017

3D Model Viewer Improvements

Progress: Complete
Unlocking the embedded gimbals
28 Nov 2023


Progress: Suspended
Multiplayer Online Tedium
20 May 2013


Progress: Complete
JS Gameboy Emulator
27 Nov 2018

Reverse Oscilloscope

Progress: Work-in-progress
The draw-a-waveform synthesizer that runs in your browser.
31 Dec 2013

Morse Code Practice Tool

Progress: Complete
Versatile browser-based CW trainer.
25 Mar 2016

Chaos Theory

Progress: Completed
An investigation into one of the simplest examples of chaos - a double pendulum.
11 Jan 2010