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Browser Oscilloscope

15 Jun 2013
Progress: Completed

Simple demonstration of live microphone input. Only works in chrome. 2016: These should work in both Chrome and Firefox now.

Press spacebar to pause, and you can select a waveform using your mouse. Click here to save that waveform as a wav file.

Not satisfied? Hate the sound of your own voice? Afraid I might be piping the audio to my server to somehow steal your sensitive information? Fret not, here's a version you can just play music through (still only works in Chrome for now).

Waves not your thing? More at home in the frequency domain? Here's a real-time spectrogram from your microphone input which, again, only works in Chrome. This is me saying AAAEEEEOOOOOOOWWWEEEEE through it:

A spectrogram of the human voice