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Flirting with the K40

Is the world's cheapest 40W laser cutter actually any good?
13 Feb 2016

MIDI Medallion

Progress: Complete
Casting pewter in a wooden mould
5 Aug 2017

Fun with Photomultiplier Tubes

Elucidation of their operation. Extreme teardown. High voltage.
16 Jun 2016


Production of paper procrastinations.
2 Mar 2011

T-shirt Stencilling

Well, I always wanted to be a fashion designer...
27 Sep 2010

The Midi Archive

A collection of old works
14 Nov 2010

AI in Brainfuck Talk

Presentation on writing programs in brainfuck
27 Sep 2018

The 'scope of '69

Restoration of a piece of vintage hardware.
16 Feb 2011

Laser Cut Butterfly Knife

Cut out a cutting tool
12 Jun 2016


By Jove, my quick study of lexicography won a prize!
21 Jun 2014

Accordion Repair

Gawking at the gorgeous mechanisms
11 Oct 2018

Paper Ship in a Bottle

The proximate test of patience
3 Mar 2015

Zen of Metal Bonsai

Mindfully master a pair of pliers
4 Mar 2014


Chiptune chirper
27 Sep 2018


Progress: Complete
Executive Decision Maker
20 Dec 2017