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Chiptune chirper
27 Sep 2018

Flirting with the K40

Is the world's cheapest 40W laser cutter actually any good?
13 Feb 2016


By Jove, my quick study of lexicography won a prize!
21 Jun 2014

Plasma Cannon

Halloween prop
3 Sep 2019

Paper Ship in a Bottle

The proximate test of patience
3 Mar 2015

Ode to Rockbox

Not actually an ode.
16 Mar 2021

MIDI Medallion

Progress: Complete
Casting pewter in a wooden mould
5 Aug 2017

Fun with Photomultiplier Tubes

Elucidation of their operation. Extreme teardown. High voltage.
16 Jun 2016

AI in Brainfuck Talk

Presentation on writing programs in brainfuck
27 Sep 2018

Laser Cut Butterfly Knife

Cut out a cutting tool
12 Jun 2016


Production of paper procrastinations.
2 Mar 2011

The Midi Archive

A collection of old works
14 Nov 2010


Progress: Complete
Executive Decision Maker
20 Dec 2017

The 'scope of '69

Restoration of a piece of vintage hardware.
16 Feb 2011

Zen of Metal Bonsai

Mindfully master a pair of pliers
4 Mar 2014

Accordion Repair

Gawking at the gorgeous mechanisms
11 Oct 2018


Cutlery stegosaurus
9 Aug 2019

T-shirt Stencilling

Well, I always wanted to be a fashion designer...
27 Sep 2010