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AI in Brainfuck Talk

27 Sep 2018

About a day before EMF camp was due to begin, there were still slots available for lightning talks and I impulsively decided to give one. I talked about the tic-tac-toe opponent I wrote in brainfuck. It didn't go too well, I think most of the audience didn't have a clue what I was going on about, and ten minutes was cutting it a little bit fine since I had to waste the first part explaining what brainfuck is.

But perhaps sticking the presentation into a youtube video will let it reach a wider audience.

The commented source code is available on the github page.

It ain't straightforward turning a slideshow into a video, I ended up using this as an excuse to get more experience in Blender. The video sequence editor in Blender is really impressive. There's a steep learning curve, as it uses the same hotkeys and interface as the rest of Blender, but frankly, even forgetting the fact that it's open source, Blender is phenomenal. The interface is simultaneously fluid, and rock solid -- super customizable, free of glitches. Well done to those developers!