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Zen of Metal Bonsai

4 Mar 2014

The metal bonsai, in its pot

Wire: 0.6mm (gauge 23?) copper. When I don my electrician's hat I tend to have offcuts coming out of my ears.

Stranded copper wire

Initial bending of copper to form leaves

Branch of the metal bonsai

First twigs of the metal bonsai

Coil, coil, coil.

Coiled copper everywhere, starts to look like a tree

The metal bonsai, before potting

Pot: Pine. Clamping a plunge router upside-down in a vice and taping the trigger down is an excellent substitute for a router table.

Underside of the unpainted wooden pot

Routed wooden bonsai pot

Yes, you too can reach enlightenment in just a couple of hours.

The metal bonsai showing the roots through the gravel