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Have moved and want to swap clock time zone
MistakeHaver Posted: 30 Jul 2022, 12:28 PM

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Hello all,

I just unexpectedly moved due to a job opening up with all the qualifications that would make me jump two time zones. However, my clock is set for PDT while I now live in CDT. I was thinking that I'd like to just bypass this entire hassle and swap my clock over to UTC for ease of future travel.

Is there a way that I can request the new parts for UTC? I'm sorry if this has been covered somewhere before, I promise I skimmed the clock area of the website to make sure before I asked.

Thanks in advance!

mit Posted: 30 Jul 2022, 01:08 PM
yeah whatever

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You can put the clock into UTC mode by grounding pin 4 of the ATtiny, which is one of the pins broken out for the optional crystal. You can either just short this, add a jumper, or add a switch. I added a switch on the instructions page here.

In UTC mode it will turn both centre lights off, so you don't need to replace the laser-etched part. (Though I can make another one for you if you like.)


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