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This website, and the youtube videos, were never meant to be a way of making money. However, the more money I get from it, the less time I need to spend working, and hence the more time I can commit to doing projects.

About Ads

For just a personal website, gets a somewhat intimidating amount of traffic.

There are no ads on the site. Partly this is because of my archaic opinion that the internet does not need to be completely plastered with adverts in order to function.

Mostly it is because I imagine the bulk of the visitors have adblock anyway.

For the first 5 million views of the youtube channel, there were no adverts there either. However, in 2020 it was announced that all videos would have ads, regardless of if the videos are monetised, so there was no reason not to monetise them. I pity anyone who tries to make a living from this – at roughly $1 per thousand views, it hardly seems worth the trouble.

I frequently get offered sponsorships and promotional deals, but it seems stupid to sell out for the amounts offered. It takes me dozens, sometimes hundreds of hours to produce a video, so even the more generous offers usually amount to less than minimum wage.