A lot of people have been asking to buy my inventions, so I've finally gotten around to setting up a shop.

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I've decided to use paypal, but they will accept all major cards if you don't have a paypal account. If you prefer to pay by some other means, let me know and I'll try and accommodate.


For kits which have custom-made components (such as the laser-cut parts in the Precision Clock Kit) they will be made to order, so expect a short delay between ordering and the parts being sent.

I will provide a tracking number for each shipment once it's posted.


Parcels will be insured, so if it arrives damaged a replacement can be sent.

If you decide you don't want an item, I can give you a full refund, but you will have to pay the return postage.


I'm happy to provide as much help as is needed. The best place to post questions is on the forum, since other people then get to see the problems and solutions. I will try to respond to forum posts very quickly.


If you prefer to contact me directly I'm available through the usual channels.

I'm around the London Hackspace on a semi-regular basis, so if you're member there, feel free to say hi.