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Van der Bed

31 Jan 2019
Progress: Concept

In summer, we like to switch to a lighter quilt. When it's cold, only a thick duvet will do. Hassle!

If you've always dreamed of an adjustable bed cover, one which can transform from a thin sheet into a plush duvet at the push of a button, then dream no more, as the Van der Bed is here.

The quilt itself is covered in a multitude of extremely fine long hairs. At rest, these fall flat and provide little insulation. When a warmer layer is desired, the system applies a modestly high voltage to the bed and its occupants. As the bedlegs are electrically insulated, the whole arrangement remains at this electrostatic charge, and there is little-to-no risk of shocks. Thanks to the magical effect we all know from the Van de Graaff machine, the hairs on the duvet repel one another, start to stand up, and in the process enhance the thermal insulation.

The premium model is entirely solid-state driven, but the entry (or "pleb") model comes with all the clunky whirring belts you could desire for a perfect night's sleep.