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Steampunk Mug

25 Oct 2015
Progress: Concept

Steampunk Mug is a drinking vessel with a novelty method of thermoregulation.

Sixteen brass leaves, or petals, form the outer surface of the mug. They are aligned vertically, like planks of wood forming a barrel. Each one is hinged near the top, just below the solid rim for drinking from. Enclosed between each leaf and the inner mug is a wax-filled piston, attached to the base of the mug and to somewhere just under the hinge of the petal.

Render of the mug with petals closed

The wax in the pistons is chosen to have a phase change at drinking temperature. If the liquid is warmer than that, the petals gently unfold and form a heat-radiating flower shape. When the liquid has cooled sufficiently, the petals fold in tightly and trap a layer of air around the mug, insulating it.

Render of the mug with petals half open

Be the envy of your colleagues as you drink from a contraption that features brass, pistons, a certain amount of steam and indeed a token amount of practicality.
Render of the mug with petals fully extended