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South Facing Ear Trumpet

23 Feb 2014
Progress: Concept

This fashionable item has all the advantages / disadvantages of looking like a gramophone on your head.

Illustration of the South Facing Ear Trumpet Hat

Once it has locked-on to a target, the brass horn will stay pointing in that compass direction. This allows the wearer to move around at will whilst enjoying an unbroken stream of directional audio.

The sound is directed into one or two ear plugs which descend from the hat brim. The act of lowering the ear plug opens the valve to that audio passageway.

The mechanics of the device may be entirely mechanical (using inertia and smooth bearings, or gimbals and flywheels) but more functionality is gained by having electronic manipulation of the horn. The standalone model has a built in mini-gyro, accelerometer and compass but the delux model includes bluetooth connectivity to gather this info from your smartphone.

Two friends, who both own Bluetooth South Facing Ear Trumpet Hats, can now sustain a conversation over many metres in a crowded place effortlessly. Once enabled, the app uses triangulation, internal compasses and GPS to ensure the ear trumpets remain aligned.

Yes, you too can talk with your friends at a distance, all you need is a mobile phone and a Bluetooth South Facing Ear Trumpet Hat!