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Socks Machine

31 Jan 2019
Progress: Concept

(Originally written September 2017)

A cube six inches tall, with a circular glass door at the front and a little tray to put detergent in.

A washing machine only big enough to wash, at full load, a single pair of socks.

Easily fits into nooks and crannies. Never mind stairs, a cupboard under a single step would do. The hoses can be plugged into a nearby tap, but also come with adapters for the standardized thread of 2-litre bottles, so an inlet and outlet bottle can enable socks washing in remote, or on-the-go situations.

Illustration of the Socks Machine

Relish in the zen-like process of pairwise socks cleansing. Contemplate the tribulations of life, two socks at a time. Ruminate on the possibility of finding an odd sock at the end of a wash.