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Single Room Lighting

20 Mar 2009
Progress: Concept

A control panel allows you to switch your whole house into this mode, so as you turn one light switch on, a system of relays turns the previous room's light off.

Could also be set to limit the number of lights on to two or three, so as you walk around the house you have a tail of lights on which can keep away the ghosts, but at the same time saves energy.

An even cleverer system would work out common pathways between rooms by monitoring your operation of their lights, and then learning to illuminate the next room you'll be walking into. This should give a single person the illusion that the whole house is lit up, but actually very little power is used.

If it knew the location of every light, it may be possible to track two or more people through the house like this, knowing which lights to turn off by acknowledging adjacent rooms.