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Russian Roulette on the Putting Green

9 Feb 2014
Progress: Concept

The crowd can taste the tension. The golfer turns to the caddy and nods. A firm grip on the bag of clubs lets him give it a mighty tug.

Whoosh! Click click click... Everyone's eyes are glued to its spin. The momentum ebbs and abruptly the rotating drum comes to a stop. The chosen club is gleaming as the golfer gingerly attempts to grasp it.

His eyes are watering and the sweat on his skin is sparkling in the blistering sun. Even the most distant members of the audience can hear every movement, every footstep as the club is lifted and the tee approached.

He aligns himself and half-heartedly hazards a few practise swings.

He cannot delay much longer.

The air is totally still.

He swings!

Illustration of a revolver poised to fire golf clubs

The golf ball ventures away on its parabolic path and the golfer breathes a huge sigh of relief. Slightly disappointed by the anticlimax, the inner crowd start to remove their safety goggles. He has survived, for now.

But of course there was a one-in-six chance of his chosen club being completely filled with contact explosive. Relaxed, the group begin the long walk to the next shot.