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Ramset Bikelock

23 Jun 2018
Progress: Concept

It may be healthy, and good for the environment, but cycling can be a miserable experience if, when you reach your destination, there's nowhere to chain your bike up. But now, with the new Mitxela Co. Ramset Bikelock, these lockless fears are a thing of the past!

Simply point the anchoring tool at any convenient surface, be it concrete, asphalt, or steel I-beam, and pull the trigger to actuate the powder charge which instantly and securely embeds a fresh eye-bolt anchor into it. Chain your bike to this newly minted steel hoop, and away you go!

The hoop installation is permanent, so when it's time to depart you now leave a helpful locking point for other cyclists. But fear not: the Ramset Bikelock operates in a semi-automatic fashion, and its magazine carries twelve anchors and associated powder charges, so even multi-stop journeys are a breeze. When not in use, the device can be stowed snugly in a cradle not dissimilar to a bottle holder*, and can only be removed/actuated when unlocked by key.

With the Ramset Bikelock, there's nowhere** you can't park your bike!

*Except bigger.

**Except for surfaces which are muddy, sandy etc.

An eye bolt

Like this, but attached instantly using a controlled explosion.