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Nitinol Tent Poles

19 Oct 2008
Progress: Concept

When you deform Nitinol, and then heat it to around 50 degrees centigrade, it returns to its exact original shape. You can also get it to return to its original shape by sending an electrical current through it.

If tent poles were made from Nitinol, you could have it pop-up on demand by sending a current through it, and when you want to pack it away, you would scrunch or fold it up and it would stay folded until you next need it.

While it's up, a small battery powered device could pulse every now and then to ensure it survives high winds while you're in it.

This is better than a pop-up tent because it would be easy to pack away once the device is turned off, and wouldn't be under strain while it's packed up.

Of course, once it's packed up in your bag, make sure you don't leave it out in the sun...