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Mortar Conveyance Tubes

26 May 2014
Progress: Concept

Why didn't pneumatic conveyance tubes catch on as well as the world hoped? Well - all those miles of pipe pulled a hefty pricetag.

But it seems to me that the containing pipework was redundant for 99% of the route. Computer controlled aiming and accurate weather data, unavailable to the Victorian pioneers of this wonderous delivery system, would allow the packages to leap most of the journey with relative ease. A modest funnel is all that's required to capture the parcel and advance it along the final leg the old fashioned way.

Illustration of the mortar tube system
Schematic. Not to scale. Obviously.

Luckily, if this system did end up in direct competition with quadcopter drone delivery, it is likely that losses would be heavier for the other side...

Motor conveyance tube operating over a city
Rendition in action. Also not to scale. Obviously.