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Mitre Saw Nut Cracker

25 Nov 2015
Progress: Concept

This miniature mitre saw makes a perfect centrepiece for any dining table. The circular blade is about two inches in diameter and can be manipulated via the top handle. The target nut is placed in the jaws of a tiny clamp, which can be rotated like a roasting spit.

Like its bigger counterpart, the Mitre Saw Nut Cracker has a blade guard and a laser guide. It also has a dust extraction system* which is powered, along with the main blade, by batteries concealed in the base.

The cut is thin enough to efficiently halve any nut, however, the intended application is repeatable extraction of undamaged, whole walnut kernels.

*Depending on the occasion, you may wish to 'accidentally' leave this turned off and shower whoever is sitting opposite you with walnut swarf.

Illustration of the Mitre Saw for Walnuts
To produce this illustration I commissioned the carving of a 9-inch walnut