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Joule's Domestic Hot Water Supply

29 Apr 2020
Progress: Concept

[Originally written February 2015]

Consider an ordinary tap (faucet). The water pressure in the pipes leading up to it is at maybe a few bar. The pressure as it exits the tap is basically atmospheric. There has been a pressure drop: work has been done pushing fluid through the resistance of the tap, and as a result the temperature of the water and tap has slightly increased.

Mitxela Mechanical Heating Co. has decided to capitalize on this effect. A modest upgrade to your plumbing may be required before switching your water supply to us, as our standard pressure for water delivery is 40,000psi. When you turn on your tap, the cold water magically, and instantaneously, turns hot.

Illustration of Joule's Domestic Hot Water Supply. Plumbing from the power station to the home is maintained at 40,000psi

The genius of this system, if we may say so, is that unlike any other hot-water-to-the-home system there is absolutely no heat-loss on the journey from the power station to your sink. So what are you waiting for? Toss your boiler today!