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Bubblewrap Popping Assistance Tool

16 May 2019
Progress: Concept

Unwrapping a certain package recently, I encountered a situation where conventional bubblewrap had been used in conjunction with heatshrink film. The result was a durable layer over the majority of the sheet, that transformed it into Unpoppable Bubblewrap.

Now, I like to think of myself as a reasonable, sane human being, and I think that any sane, reasonable and human being would have reacted in the same way to Unpoppable Bubblewrap.

If only I had had in my possession a Bubblewrap Popping Assistance Tool, the resulting fallout might have been avoided. Not too dissimilar to a perverted pair of pliers, the tool has a selection of different popping heads available: from a conventional flat disk, the perfect diameter for a perfect pop (different diameters are provided, for different grades of bubblewrap) through to the aggressive spike, guaranteed to pierce the plastic regardless of its defensive layers.

Render of the bubblewrap popping assistance tool

Foam-rubber grip for comfort while in use.

Render of the tool with flat attachments in almost closed position

The chrome-plated popping heads can be unscrewed and replaced with a variety of different sized anvils. From this wide-diameter disk for large gauge and/or low durability bubblewrap...

Render of bubblewrap popping assistance tool with flat popping attachments

...through medium diameter anvils, for everyday bubblewrap gruntwork...

Render of the bubblewrap popping assistance tool sharpened spikes, for the most resilient rank of plastic packaging.

Bubblewrap popping tool with spike shaped attachments

Buy your Bubblewrap Popping Assistance Tool today, and maintain your status amongst peers as a reasonably sane human being!