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Bernoulli's Barbecue Tongs

18 Feb 2014
Progress: Concept

Struggling for a stronghold on your smoky snack? Can't quite clench your cooking with just conventional utensils?

Get a grip on your grub with Bernoulli's Barbecue Tongs!

A metaphorical grip, of course - these tongs won't physically touch your tasty treats (improving hygiene at no extra cost). By exploiting the controversial aerodynamics of Bernoulli's famous Levitating Ball, your morsels of meat can controllably take to the sky.

What's that, our marketing department predictably hears you decry? These magical tongs are unable to lift your ordinary foodstuffs from your ordinary barbecue grill? But Bernoulli's Barbecue Tongs are only compatible with the proprietary Bernoulli Barbecue!

Consuming kingly quantities of charcoal, sticking two fingers to the environment and resembling Sauron's own hairdryer, Bernoulli's Barbecue's blast of fire and smoke provides absolutely scorching entertainment to your soirée's sojourners as it levitates your entire larder whilst simultaneously "cooking" it!

The perfect gift this Christmas. Available in bulk.