I originally made this in late 2005, and it's still available on Kousou Games, but I have now remade it to run in your browser. Every last detail is the same (even the music!).

Being only one pixel high, the windowed version of the program looked like this:

But in order to make it actually playable, the fullscreen version stretched to fit; zoomed in so that it's actually four pixels high! Anyway, the original description is below.

As far as I know, the world's only one-dimensional game!

It's like pong, except to knock it back your paddle needs to be the same colour as the ball. You add or subtract colour in the order of the rainbow. The more points you gain, the smaller your paddle gets, and so it's harder to win. Winner is the first to 16.

Left Player - Up key, Down key
Right Player - W, S


What do you mean, one dimension?
The third dimension is a full shape like a cube, the second dimension is a flat image like a square, and the first dimension is no more than a line.

But how can a game be just a line?
By using colour as an additional depth. Brilliant, eh?

But if it's just one pixel it's already in the second dimension, so how is it on the screen?
Because although it's drawn on the screen, there's only a change in the image in one direction, rendering it as close to that dimension as we can get. For instance, we say drawing on paper is 2D, but even then there's a small amount of lead sticking upwards from the paper.

I like the music.
Me too.

How can I get on and play this already?
Click Here!

Executive Producer - mitxela
Concept - mitxela
Music - mitxela
Graphics - mitxela
Advertising and promotion - mitxela
Character design - mitxela
Story - mitxela
Misc. Audio - mitxela
Level Design - mitxela
Coding - mitxela (although Atrius fixed a small glitch for me)

This software was brought to you via Kousou Games.