Frequently Asked Questions

Now featuring answers to the questions, too!

What does "mitxela" mean anyway?
It's Alex Tim backwards.
It's pronounced "mit - zela", if you're wondering. Not mix - tela.

Your site doesn't display correctly in Internet Explorer 6.
That is a correct observation. I briefly had duplicates of all transparent PNG images which would swap in when an IE6 user arrived, but I grew tired of maintaining it all.

What is the point in this website?
One day I hope the projects page will be, amongst other things, a portfolio of most of my work. There are still loads of projects I need to type up, however.

The rants page was originally a blog about my anger at the world but it just degraded into short fictional stories about killing people. It's still there to remind me to pick it up again sometime.

Is it wrong to have a crush on Barry Scott?
Of course not.

plz can we affili8?

What is your opinion on involuntary euthanasia?
We do it to dogs, why not people?

That was sarcasm.

Do you think brutal death metal and bubble gum pop would go well together in the same song?
Can't say no until you've tried it.

Dude, you made a typo in your URL. Isn't it supposed to be mixtela?
No. However, for legal reasons, I proclaim my ownership of the copyright to every single permutation or anagram of my name.

If you stood at the top of a tall building and held a hosepipe off the edge, and filled the pipe with water, and put your hand over the end of it, how tall would the building have to be to rip your hand apart?
24 metres. No, seriously. That's the height needed to form a vacuum.

I don't like the layout of this site, is there nothing I can do about it?
You're in luck, simply right click and drag on various pages and you can rearrange the furniture to make it all seem a bit more homely.

What music do you like?
Although you can get a rough idea from this page, that was written quite a few years ago. Before I discovered Graham Central Station.

No, really. What's with the fonts?
This site has lots of moods. Depending on what it thinks of you it'll choose one but every now and then it'll change its mind.
Tip: there's a secret button you can use to cycle through them. Or you could disable cookies entirely and have a retarded multi-font disco.

Do you regularly masticate?
Not often enough, it would seem.

How much money do you have?
Not enough to build an offshore golfcourse.