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WLCSP soldering
Rvan Posted: 21 Sep 2022, 10:38 PM

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I just wanted to know what microscope equipment Mitxela used to solder this component. I want to solder a QFN48 package (esp32).

Here his video for reference

Regards to all

mit Posted: 22 Sep 2022, 10:20 AM
yeah whatever

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The microscope I looked through while doing it is a stereo microscope with just 10x zoom. It's an AmScope SE400 and it has a nice goose-neck light with it, but for that video the light was wholly insufficient.

The camera used to film it had a much better view. I used a nikon DSLR with an old 18-135mm kit lens mounted on a reversing ring. At 18mm this becomes a super duper macro lens. The aperture ring isn't manually adjustable on that lens so it was left stopped-down at minimum aperture, which is why I had to mount multiple 12-watt LED lamps pointing at it.

Unlike the stereo microscope, the camera had to be very very close to the action. One of the best bits about soldering microscopes is that they're designed to have a big distance between the focal plane and the objective. If you're not filming it, the stereo microscope is the way to go. And I suppose if you are filming it, an actual macro lens is going to be a lot easier to use. Even if it's not as zoomed-in as you like, there are extensions tubes you can get which are the "proper" way to get super macro shots.

What I'd really love is one of those metallurgical microscopes which have illumination through the objective and a camera mount in addition to the two eyepieces, but they're quite pricey.


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