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Some great news about the clock
Andreas Posted: 8 Apr 2022, 07:31 PM

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First of all let me start off by saying that this clock is amazing. I have always hated how other clocks just fall behind when I love to be exact.

Now as I've posted about this in the past the antenna had poor reception. It once lost the GPS fix and was permanently unable to regain it.

Like you had already suggested a beefier so to say antenna would suffice. A couple months ago I decided to make it into a reality. I ordered this antenna shown in the image below:

(User posted image)

Now with this antenna installed it took the clock about a week to gain a GPS fix. However, the fix wasn't on all the time it would get a fix for about 10 minutes around 10 in the morning. Although it was sufficiently accurate for me I still purchased this antenna shown below:

(User posted image)

Now, today I decided to install a UPS to the clock since I wouldn't want to wait a week for it to start showing time again. After I installed and connected it I thought that perhaps I should try out the antenna I purchased and hadn't tried yet. I connected it and look and behold it took approximately 2 seconds for the clock to receive the time. About 5 seconds later it got the GPS fix and the clock hadn't lost it since. That is quite delightful I now can turn on the BBC news and watch the GPS fix lights blink in exact sync with their music :)

mit Posted: 10 Apr 2022, 05:56 PM
yeah whatever

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Ah, excellent! Yes, the magnetic puck antennas are good. I've found they even work fine if you get an SMA 50ohm extension cable, I currently have mine set up like that. Of course the long cable delays the signal slightly, I must be losing at least 10 nanoseconds because of it.

It is strange how different buildings affect the signal strength, I recently took the clock to a film studio which was an industrial building with an aluminium roof. I assumed I wouldn't be able to get a signal at all there, but it was rock solid. Whereas a friend of mine lives in a newly build tower block, and the clock has never been able to get a fix there, except on their balcony.


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