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Similar story, going to try and make something of it ;)
AcE_Krystal Posted: 5 Nov 2019, 02:11 PM

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Hello Mit,

I stumbled upon your site after seeing one of your video's on youtube. Its so interesting (and also a bit calming and exiting at the same time) to find so many other with the same struggles and motivations when you actually start to searching for them.

My story is a bit close to what you described in your rant of "17 Sep 2018". I lived in a Ger (yurt / Mongolian tent) with my partner, worked in IT, and did a lot of personal projects in my free time. Thanks to people around me I managed to escape a total meltdown in my head, quit my job, took some rest, and now I'm going to try and pave my own exiting road!

One of the things I want to change is getting into the world and meet more people, and what better way then to reach out to everyone that inspires me.

I'm also starting my own workshop / maker-space / prototype-lab at home.
I learned that I'm pretty handy with the skill-sets that I have and I want to use it to either help people, or create fun experiences.

I'm still kinda figuring out how to start. And this is also where I'm searching for help from others who might have some idea's or have gone through this phase already. Maybe you have advice or idea what would help with a start? (Please exclude idea's that involve killing people).

I'm currently still building my workplace (waterproofing the basement and decide whether I want a swimming pool or extra work space), but I plan to start selling my own "stuff" and accept project requests on my site : (work in progress).

But I'm also playing with lots of other idea's. Like community funded open-source projects. One or a group of skilled people that together get funded by supporters. The supporters donate and vote for (small) projects they want to see or use, the creators try to make this within the budged available for that project. The rule is that the projects must be open-source so it is useful for everyone to go further with. Think about software, 3D designs, electronics, or just research in specific area's. I would like to hear what you think of this and if you would be interested.

Anyway, I'm making this way to long already for just a "Hi" and a "Thanks".


so euh...


Thanks for sharing your work and running this nice website!

AcE Krystal.

mit Posted: 6 Nov 2019, 12:11 PM
yeah whatever

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Hi, thanks for sharing your story. I don't really have much helpful advice, I'm afraid - starting out is usually the hardest bit. Open source stuff is generally a good idea. I try to keep all of my projects online, right from the start, so people can see the progression, even the rubbish old ones from when I was in school are listed on the same project page as the stuff I'm doing now. Documenting things is also an excellent way to keep track of progress and to encourage yourself to keep going.


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