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Precision Clock | GPS Fix but no Time?
mac_ron Posted: 17 Oct 2020, 01:10 PM
yep yep yep

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Hi Tim!

Thank you for your reply! — Just in time when re-assembling the code. All fine now! GPS time is now retrieved within some few seconds after starting. I commented out line 772 as advised.

Here the first few sentences after powering up the module, containing all version info:



mit Posted: 18 Oct 2020, 02:10 PM
yeah whatever

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Thanks for that. Looks very different to what is normally displayed.

Good job updating the firmware, that was quick. I'll patch it properly in the repo in a bit.

On the whole, if it is a newer module that listens to GLONASS too, that should only improve performance - just a shame I didn't notice this sooner.

Now I have to try and figure out how many kits were shipped with this GPS module. I've shipped about 25 from the current batch of GPS modules... but seeing as only two people have reported problems, that might mean the batch is a mix of different types.

I'll message FabiSahne in case they haven't seen this thread.


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