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Ode for the Rockbox written by an AI
mrt Posted: 17 Jan 2023, 05:01 AM

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I saw Mitxela's video about the Rockbox and thought that, in the age of AI, it would be a good idea to get ChatGPT to write it's own take on an ode for the Rockbox.

Here was the starting prompt:
write an ode for the rockbox

Here is the result:
Oh Rockbox, thou music player of old,
Thy plastic frame and buttons bold,
Thy open-source nature, an inspiration,
For music lovers, a true sensation.

With thee, we can customize and hack,
Bringing new life to an old track,
Thy plugins and themes, a treasure trove,
Making every listening experience a work of art.

Through car rides, long and short and sweet,
Thy music makes my heart skip a beat,
With thee, I'll never be alone,
Thy songs, they make my spirit flown.

Oh Rockbox, thou art more than just a device,
Thou art a community, a passion and a choice,
Thy flexibility and power, unmatched,
Making every music listening experience truly unmatched.

I think the AI got a little bit confused about what the Rockbox is (it seems to think that it is a piece of hardware not firmware). I think it is still interesting.

mit Posted: 18 Jan 2023, 05:01 PM
yeah whatever

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I haven't tried ChatGPT myself but I did spend a very long time playing with Stable Diffusion, I got completely obsessed with it when it first came out. It's interesting that the ode has the same sort of mistakes you'd get from the images that Stable Diffusion produces, where at a first glance it looks really good, and only when you look closely do you see the signs that it wasn't made by a person.

A friend of mine is fanatical about ChatGPT, he suggests that after the initial prompt you should give it some further prompts to refine the output.


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