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Lazy loading images
mit Posted: 2 Apr 2024, 10:01 AM
yeah whatever

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In the writeup for the Robot Slide Whistle Orchestrion there are 56 images, totalling about 15MB.

I think it's a bit rude to force visitors to download all of it the moment they arrive. Our options were the following:

- split the writeup into multiple pages (lame)
- serve thumbnails and link to the full size images (tedious both for me and the readers)
- or lazy-load the images, so they only get loaded as you're scrolling the page

I'm not really a fan of lazy-loading in most contexts. Browsers now natively support lazy loading which is a bit less awful but there's a tendency for the page to reflow as they load in. This seems to happen (though not quite as bad) even if you specify image dimensions.

For the slide2 page I set all of the images to lazy loading. With any luck nobody noticed the difference, in which case I guess I'll continue to do that on new projects. If anyone has a strong opinion about this then feel free to speak up.


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