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Feature for Strip inline images Thunderbird extension: strip only in selected text
LucMorizur Posted: 14 Oct 2022, 08:15 PM

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Hi mitxela, and... I don't know what to say for your so amazing and crazy site... well, I guess the best is to let you find yourself what better suits as introduction phrase — very probably something shorter. But pardon me, I'm quite astonished.

Well — I just added to Thunderbird the "Strip inline images" extension, as of you seem to be the author. Very nice extension, many thanks.

Yet I suggest a feature for it: strip images only in selected text, so that one can choose which images to strip or not.

Hoping you will find an interest to this suggestion. Let's see!

Wishing you the best for all your projects.


mit Posted: 15 Oct 2022, 08:57 PM
yeah whatever

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I'm glad you like the site! And I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that people are using the plugin.

The feature you describe is possible but in all likelihood I won't be doing anything more on the plugin, I have too many other projects ongoing at the moment.


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