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Complete Precision Clock Kit - in Green!
ViralMage Posted: 7 Oct 2022, 05:56 AM

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I finally got the remaining parts I needed to complete my clock with green LEDs and put everything together. It all went flawlessly! I had no issues - once I plugged it in it started counting, and after a few minutes it got a GPS fix.

Just thought I'd post this here in case anyone was curious if you can swap out the LEDs.

One minor thing about UTC - I had planned to keep the clock in UTC from the beginning and had read the section on how to set that up, but completely forgot to solder anything to the appropriate place before putting the digits on. Luckily I was able to solder in jumper pins matching the DST jumper pins from the back without issue! It's great - I can use the jumper to keep it in UTC, and if I ever switch back to local time I'll know exactly where the jumper is. I really recommend this over a switch!

I also loved the tip to sand down the tops of the colon LEDs. The green LEDs I got almost sparkled and stood out quite a bit, but the sanding made them more diffuse, look more like the other segments when off, and made them flush with the front. Small details that make it look perfect.

Thanks for putting this kit together!

(User posted image)

mit Posted: 9 Oct 2022, 01:08 PM
yeah whatever

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Looks great! Thanks for sharing.


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