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Alternative antenna for precision clock
Koen02 Posted: 20 Mar 2020, 09:03 AM

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My clock has been sitting outside and behing a window for at least 6 hours. Still no gps fix, it just keeps counting up. I did see the GPSMOD1315 antenna as an option, but shipping is very expensive because i can only get the GPSMOD1315 from the US (I am based in The Netherlands)
Is there a gps antenna which is available in europe?
(Note: i sourced all components and pcb myself)

mit Posted: 20 Mar 2020, 12:03 PM
yeah whatever

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Mouser shipping is free if you order more than something like $40. Maybe you could combine it with some other parts you need? Or get a few antennas and re-sell them.

But it might not be the antenna that you need. The original antenna works fine for me where I live.

It could possibly be the ATtiny needs calibrating - try sending it some fake data with a USB serial adapter. There's a python script in the github repo to do that.

It could be the GPS module is a different type, if you sourced it yourself, so also try listening to its output with a USB-serial adapter and see what it's saying.

If the GPS module has an LED on it, it will start flashing when it has a fix, so if you see that happening and it still doesn't display the time then the problem is not the antenna.


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