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mit Posted: 20 May 2017, 09:05 PM
yeah whatever

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Joined: 4-May 16
Welcome to the forum. I have no idea how active or useful this will be, but I've been getting a lot of emails lately asking questions, and I figured if these questions were answered here then at least there's a chance other people with the same questions can find the answers sooner.

The forum was written from scratch in PHP. It's fairly minimalist but one bonus feature is attaching images to posts, which I figured was pretty important and should be very easy to use.

Passwords are sent over a TLS-encrypted connection and stored as a salted MD5 hash. But it's still probably a bad idea to use the same password you'd use for your online bank.

If you discover any glitches or missing features let me know. Maybe even post a topic about it. Ho ho.

mit Posted: 15 Jun 2017, 12:06 AM
yeah whatever

Posts: 257
Joined: 4-May 16
I've just added "code" tags to the BBCode. Not sure how I forgot to add that originally. Now we can quote source code like this:

Here is some source code

It's just a <pre> tag so it can also be used to muck about (here's hoping the css overflow works correctly):

L:::::::::L B::::::::::::::::B i::::i ttt:::t f::::::::::::::::f T:::::::::::::::::::::T ttt:::t
L:::::::::L B::::::BBBBBB:::::B iiii t:::::t f::::::::::::::::::f T:::::::::::::::::::::T t:::::t
LL:::::::LL BB:::::B B:::::B t:::::t f::::::fffffff:::::f T:::::TT:::::::TT:::::T t:::::t
L:::::L ooooooooooo nnnn nnnnnnnn ggggggggg ggggg B::::B B:::::Biiiiiiittttttt:::::ttttttt ooooooooooo f:::::f ffffff TTTTTT T:::::T TTTTTTeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxx xxxxxxxttttttt:::::ttttttt
L:::::L oo:::::::::::oo n:::nn::::::::nn g:::::::::ggg::::g B::::B B:::::Bi:::::it:::::::::::::::::t oo:::::::::::oo f:::::f T:::::T ee::::::::::::ee x:::::x x:::::x t:::::::::::::::::t
L:::::L o:::::::::::::::on::::::::::::::nn g:::::::::::::::::g B::::BBBBBB:::::B i::::it:::::::::::::::::t o:::::::::::::::of:::::::ffffff T:::::T e::::::eeeee:::::eex:::::x x:::::x t:::::::::::::::::t
L:::::L o:::::ooooo:::::onn:::::::::::::::ng::::::ggggg::::::gg B:::::::::::::BB i::::itttttt:::::::tttttt o:::::ooooo:::::of::::::::::::f T:::::T e::::::e e:::::e x:::::xx:::::x tttttt:::::::tttttt
L:::::L o::::o o::::o n:::::nnnn:::::ng:::::g g:::::g B::::BBBBBB:::::B i::::i t:::::t o::::o o::::of::::::::::::f T:::::T e:::::::eeeee::::::e x::::::::::x t:::::t
L:::::L o::::o o::::o n::::n n::::ng:::::g g:::::g B::::B B:::::B i::::i t:::::t o::::o o::::of:::::::ffffff T:::::T e:::::::::::::::::e x::::::::x t:::::t
L:::::L o::::o o::::o n::::n n::::ng:::::g g:::::g B::::B B:::::B i::::i t:::::t o::::o o::::o f:::::f T:::::T e::::::eeeeeeeeeee x::::::::x t:::::t
L:::::L LLLLLLo::::o o::::o n::::n n::::ng::::::g g:::::g B::::B B:::::B i::::i t:::::t tttttt o::::o o::::o f:::::f T:::::T e:::::::e x::::::::::x t:::::t tttttt
LL:::::::LLLLLLLLL:::::Lo:::::ooooo:::::o n::::n n::::ng:::::::ggggg:::::g BB:::::BBBBBB::::::Bi::::::i t::::::tttt:::::t o:::::ooooo:::::of:::::::f TT:::::::TT e::::::::e x:::::xx:::::x t::::::tttt:::::t
L::::::::::::::::::::::Lo:::::::::::::::o n::::n n::::n g::::::::::::::::g B:::::::::::::::::B i::::::i tt::::::::::::::t o:::::::::::::::of:::::::f T:::::::::T e::::::::eeeeeeee x:::::x x:::::x tt::::::::::::::t
L::::::::::::::::::::::L oo:::::::::::oo n::::n n::::n gg::::::::::::::g B::::::::::::::::B i::::::i tt:::::::::::tt oo:::::::::::oo f:::::::f T:::::::::T ee:::::::::::::e x:::::x x:::::x tt:::::::::::tt
LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ooooooooooo nnnnnn nnnnnn gggggggg::::::g BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB iiiiiiii ttttttttttt ooooooooooo fffffffff TTTTTTTTTTT eeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxx xxxxxxx ttttttttttt
gggggg g:::::g
g:::::gg gg:::::g


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