Finally I have caved into peer pressure and added an about page. is a collection of projects, experiments, musings and half-baked inventions perpetrated by a person known in the real world as Tim Alex Jacobs.

"mitxela", correctly spelt with a lower-case m, is pronounced mit - zela, not mix - tela. Not that it really matters. I have long proclaimed my copyright to all possible anagrams of my name.


My email address is extremely cryptic and hard to guess.

There is now also a YouTube page with videos of some of my projects. Additionally, a github page exists which has the source code to many of them.

Press has been featured on several blogs and online magazines, including Ask.Audio, Hackaday, The Verge, and many others. The most popular pages have been the World's Smallest MIDI synthesizer, the World's Even Smaller MIDI Synthesizer, and rather unexpectedly, this page about building a bluetooth gamepad.

Of course I have no ads on the site, and make zero profit from all this traffic, but hey, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.


Custom MIDI devices, bespoke software and graphic design are just a few of the things I've been paid to do. I generally don't charge very much if the challenge is interesting and fun. Contact me if you're interested.

Design Philosophy

I wrote this site in 2008 and apart from adding more project pages it hasn't really changed since then. The original idea was to break as many design 'rules' as possible, while still delivering a usable website. This mostly involves changing every occurrence of the word 'consistent' with 'random'. If you have read the preceding paragraphs and are not yet convinced that I am talking bullshit, seek medical advice immediately.

Easter eggs

I hate to reveal these, but I'm sadly aware that no-one ever discovers them. Even the very simplest, least-hidden of them all (the projects histogram) is only ever visted by Googlebot and its pals.

The oldest easter egg is the image drag code. By holding the right-mouse button you can drag and rearrange many of the images on the site. Later this was extended to touch-screen devices, where a second touch will cause it to drag. I'm aware that on some platforms this code no-longer works, because it's now becoming more common to open a context menu on mouse-down, rather than mouse-up. Since I'd hate to disable the context menu entirely, this renders right-click dragging useless, or at best, glitchy.

The text-confuzzilator is another old one. This garbles text in a way that it's still readable. At some point I rewrote this into a fantastic greasemonkey script which confuzzled the whole of the web, but unsurprisingly, it didn't turn out to be a very popular tool. But on-demand text confuzzilation has persisted on the site. A button on your keyboard right now will enable it. What could it be...

There are other effects also enabled by certain key presses. In addition to the font refresh, mirroring and inverting colours, there are two keys which only affect dragging images.


This about page was added after realizing that people were still taking the FAQ section seriously. This about section to the about page was added after that. I will resist the urge to add a further subsection unhelpfully explaining more things.